Design a Coat of Arms for the Flatalist’s Guild

Congratulations to Yael Kellman on winning the competion

Her winning entry is shown here together with a description of the coat of arms.


Rust on White Field the Cunning Artificer Half Profile left with Pipe.


Ankh–Morpork post–office rubber stamp rampant.


Bend Ride to Sto Lat First Day Cover.
Bend Sinister Going Postal Publication First Day Cover.


Charged cross of perforations with enhanced silver pin.
Annotated River Ankh blue & white and brown.
Sable sans nombre lozengy over Patrician Profile Dexter.
Azure over Tsort Pyramid, Chalk Baron’s Castle, Twoshirts Shop, two Nothingfjord ships, Lancre Castle, Llamedos Mountain, Fourecks Opera House, Shmaltzberg Fat Geyser, the Great Agatean Wall, & Sto Lat.
Gray & brown River Ankh with footprints over azure Brass Bridge and purple Ankh Bridge.
Gold over Guild shields - Merchants, Assassins, Seamstresses, Engravers, Thieves, Lawyers & Fools.

Shield Supporter Left:

Bend sinister three fanned credit cards: blue, gold, silver; & PayPal Check Out button: yellow on blue & black.

Shield Supporter Right:

Bend four albums; Green, Brown, Burgandy, Blue.


Gold over black ADULATIO PORTABO TE UBIVIS [Flattery Will Get You Everywhere].

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