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Cartouche: a decorative emblem

As part of the stamp catalogue I wanted to include a description of the stamps; I used a pseudo-heraldic terminology. Unfortunately, I soon found that many opf the devices used on the stamps had no equivalent heraldic term and I had to devise my own. To describe the cabbages in the top corners of the Penny Patrician I came up with the term Cartouche.

Definitive cartouches

Not all years have been honoured by a specific cartouche, and not all have had a representative image.

Prawn Signigficant Frog Reverse Ptarmigan Second Inception Frog Asccendant Reciprocating Llama
Spinning Mouse Sneezing Panda Backwards facing Artichoke Justifiably Defensive Lobster Incontrovertible Skunk Condescending Carp

Patrician Cartouches

The cartouche has been a feature of almost all stamps that have features the Patrician. Below is the full list of stamps and cartouches.

[shs0003] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Prawn)
[shs0010] One Penny Patrician Red
  [shs0020] Penny Civic
with wonky V sport
  [shs0030] Penny Patrician Campaign
with Inverted Swords sport
[shs0036] Patrician Two Pence Red
[shs0038] Penny Patrician definitive (Signifying Frog)
[shs0070] Penny Patrician Green
[shs0078] Penny Patrician Koom Valley
[shs0092] Penny Patrician definitive (Reversed Ptarmigan)
[shs0123] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Three Roses)
  [shs0159] Initial Patrician
Pensive Hare version
[shs0160] Penny Patrician Mail Coach
[shs0163] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Pensive Hare)
[shs0182] Penny Patrician 5th anniversary
[shs0199] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Happy Goose)
  [shs0213] Penny Patrician Moves
top and bottom cartouche
[shs0215] Penny Patrician Lilac
  [shs0220] Penny Patrician Sixth Anniversary
top and bottom
[shs0239] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Complicated Monkey)
  [shs0265] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Second Inception)
top and bottom

[shs0278] Double Havelock
top and bottom
[shs0280] Penny Patrician lilac
top and bottom
bottom cartouches blank
[shs0296] Penny Patrician definitive (Frog Ascendant)
[shs0310] Penny Patrician Glorious 25th lilac (combined)
Cartouches read 25th of May
[shs0326] Penny Patrician definitive (Reciprocating Llama)
  [shs0343] Sto Lat Ptrician Two Pence Blue
top and bottom
[shs0363] Penny Patrician Sinister (Spinning Mouse)
[shs0389] Hogswatch Delivery One Penny
[shs0391] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Sneezing Panda)
[shs0414] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Backward Facing Artichoke)
[shs0439] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Justifiable Defensive Lobster)
[shs0462] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Incontrovertible Skunk)
[shs0485] Penny Patrician Black definitive (Condescending Carp)

I assume the heralds had more control over the use of the elements that made up a set of arms.

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