Golden CabbageAnnounced May 2013


The highest reward available to those brave few who partake in our Green Cabbage Trading Scheme. Becoming a member of the 'Gold Cabbage club' affords you the admiration of your peers and doubtless the consideration of many nubile young men/women.
This is the highest valued Green Cabbage Trading Scheme item ever offered - for 100 GCTS stamps you will receive a single, solitary example of the Golden Edition Green Cabbage Stamp along with a certificate of authenticity signed by Bernard 'The Cunning Artificer' Pearson.
When applying for your Golden Cabbage Stamp please provide us with the name you wish to appear on the certificate to denote the Golden Cabbages original owner - take care with spelling as any mistake may result in you having to change your name.

Available for trade for 100 Green Cabbage Stamps



Stamp: eca0009

Green Cabbage Trading Scheme

The Green Cabbage Trading Scheme was established as a way of rewarding the faithful Discworld stamp collector.

Prior to the introduction of the scheme common stamps were useless and just piled up.

An exchange rate was established which was roughly 1 GCTS stamp for £3 worth of stamps. The scheme did not include the Hogswatch stamps or other special issues.

Collectors pack up their spare stamps, enter the details on a form and sent in the pack to be processed. In due course, the GCTS stamps would be sent to the collector.

At various times various offerings have been created which could only be obtained but redeeming the GCTS stamps. For some of the previous and current offerings click here

What has happended to all the stamps sent in for exchange remains a mystery, known only to Bernard and Isobel.