Being in lockdown with just a perforator for company

By and large 'lockdown' has not been a huge burden. In my time I've been 'locked up' and the experience has given me coping mechanisms to draw on. Also, there is no 'slopping out' and the door is not locked. Mostly.

However, my sole companion being a 'perforator' has its problems. None I must add, of my making. You must remember that my part in running the Emporium is now largely ceremonial. And of course, under current restrictions, I have not been called upon to perform.

Due to the exigencies that are faced by the company regarding social distancing and all that 'bubble' business. Packing and the other operations that go on needed more space. Thus, it was that the perforator was moved into my shed. Still, needs must and all that. Because of the restrictions imposed by my fragile condition and the 'shielding' that accompanies it, the perforator is enclosed in full protective clothing, including a helmet with a cunning air purifying device attached. I am not sure this is entirely necessary and harbour a suspicion it is more to protect them from my tobacco smoke than me from any pestilence they might bring in.

And so, I sit and do my thing; read a bit, write a bit, pipe on the go of course and they, whoever they are, I can't work out who from the team has been tasked thus, periodically bash away making minute holes in paper. I won't say that it's a huge imposition, but a bit of conversation now and then would not go amiss. But no, nothing, other than the rustle of thick plastic, the wheeze of the air purifying plant and the rhythmic thumping of the heavy machine.

Quite surreal in a way, but that's stamps for you ….


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