The journal is dead ...

First came the daubing on rocks.

Then came the scratching on clay.

Followed on by marks on papyrus which led eventually I believe to paper.

And indeed paper is still the best for letters, newspapers, real books

and of course, wiping yer arse.

Can't beat it.

However when it comes to things like, yer actual dynamic, interactive, up to the second information platform you really can't beat the screen to read stuff on. You can be on a train, aeroplane, or some other form of transport, being whisked hither and thither, you can be sat with yer feet up in the quiet of your own home or hutch and with the ease of the internet you can read drivel like this. And all without a single tree being menaced or turned into pulp. Not only, but also – it's up to date in a flash. The vast information hub that throbs, yes throbs dear reader, with all the news and information being constantly fed it from Discworld Central is with you in a trice, possibly even with pictures, in colour no less.

How good is that!

Now of course this means the old 'paper' journal will be no more. Well, everything has it's day and time moves on like a moving on thing changing the landscape as it goes. That's progress for you. In a damp cave one minute with a wild bear gnawing at yer shins while you try and draw the bugger, the next you're peering myopically at a computer screen as the dawn light filters through the gap in the curtains and you're left wondering where the night went.

Still, it has to be done.

The Stamp Journal will still be as it was in some respects, traditions, as Terry said can never be lost, only added to. So it will probably be late as per usual. Dear Steve of James will still be winkling information out of the design studio and rifling amongst Ian's draws for tit bits he can pass on. Reb will as ever be our 'goddess of the perforated paper' organising articles and jottings that might amuse and I of course will be 'nose to the grindstone' in appearing to look gainfully employed whilst actually doing bugger all.

So be of good cheer and please bear in mind, the fact that YOU have old paper copies of the journal means you have something extra to stick up on e-bay if things get tough.

All the best, Bernard


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