Greetings one and all. I write to you from the glory which is my shed. The story so far ....
Sometime last summer ....

Having partaken of the old horizontal fluid at Uncle's and still puffing away on the blessed pipe I returned to the shop after a good lunch time session. It was remarked upon by my partners in crime that the 'office' was like Scapa Floe on fleet day, littered with the inebriated and filled with smoke. They had, they said, had enough! It was suggested that part of the old workshops be converted into a suitable space for the old sod (me) to work,create and generally 'do my stuff'. Well that resulted in a most splendid erection and a place I must say I have not felt so at home in since my 'shed' in Suffolk.

It has all I need. A place for my books, a drawing board, work bench, pipe rack, &c; plus a view of the garden and by popular request a very efficient fan for extracting the smoke.

The dear souls, they even brought me a new chair to ease the old bottom, wonderful. The result of this move has been a creative renaissance the like of which has not been seen since graffiti was brought into mainstream art in the 1630's. One small item has captured a certain amount of attention and that was the piece I created for the 30th anniversary of Discworld. Well I know some of you have seen the '30 year sculpt' and some have even placed orders for the same, bless you. You make an old man proud he can still extract your hard earned cash by the skill of his hands.

This little oasis of personal indulgence is also now home – nay hub of my latest cunning plan. So now read on ....

Hogswatch was without doubt the busiest we have ever had. Reb worked I don't know how many hours to get all the orders out aided and abetted by the Ian and of course Isobel. That was all in spite of a huge amount of work going on for a new project for a well known publisher that had to be finished in double quick time.


Welcome to the Shed

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