Hogswatch Imperforated Minisheet SetAnnounced 25th November 2016


Exclusive Hogswatch minisheet set comprising an unperforated Hogswatch 2016 minisheet accompanied by a glossy presentation card version! Features a festive Ankh-Morpork cityscape illustrated by David Wyatt.

Available for trade for 30 Green Cabbage Stamps



Sheet: she0412

Green Cabbage Trading Scheme

The Green Cabbage Trading Scheme was established as a way of rewarding the faithful Discworld stamp collector.

Prior to the introduction of the scheme common stamps were useless and just piled up.

An exchange rate was established which was roughly 1 GCTS stamp for £3 worth of stamps. The scheme did not include the Hogswatch stamps or other special issues.

Collectors pack up their spare stamps, enter the details on a form and sent in the pack to be processed. In due course, the GCTS stamps would be sent to the collector.

At various times various offerings have been created which could only be obtained but redeeming the GCTS stamps. For some of the previous and current offerings click here

What has happended to all the stamps sent in for exchange remains a mystery, known only to Bernard and Isobel.