Name the Dragon competition - entries

Sausages Sausages

Lord Fainglory Malcoby the 7-and-a-bit-th

His Lordship is a Gurrley‘s Leaper – a breed exceptional in that they can consume human food with almost no gastric distress, and hardly any exploding at all as long as they are kept away from naked flames. He is Gorge Green shading to Rigor Blue.
His lordship was rescued from an utterly disreputable glassworks factory, whose products were used in the consumption of alcoholic beverages and barroom brawls.
Despite this coarse origin his lineage has been traced to Lord Fainglory Kitchen Waste Disposal Malcoby the Second.
He is of even temperament and has received basic obedience training.
Entry 1

Wurst Nightmare

If you adopt me I promise not to live up my name, but by hot–diggety–dog I am keen as mustard to make friends and know my onions on companionship.
Battered as a pup, I am the saucy son of Frank and Furta and I relish links to a family.
To lose out on me would be a tragedy. Formerly tutored by Ron Saveloy, flame-wise I can be a bit of a banger, and your home may get a bit smoked, but feed me well and there'll be no problems.
Entry 2

Walksfar Silvermoon ‘Moony’

Medium build, missing claw from right front foot. Extremely intelligent, friendly and likes burying things.
Previous owner once found his elderly grandmother buried at end of the garden, although the lady fully recovered from the incident.
The owner was surprised, as he had lost contact with his grandmother a number of years before.
Entry 3

Zinnath Protector of Creatures

Very protective of all other animals. Even when said animals no longer require protection — due to their experiation. Which is, in turn, often a result of Zinnath‘s over–protectiveness.
On the other hand, there aren‘t many creatures that will look after your dinner so well, and cook it for you. So long as you can wrestle it from him...
Entry 4

Fluffy Maximus Cameron III

Two and a quarter hands, small for the breed rather rough scales as possibly some hedgehog in it‘s ancestry (so much for the famous song!).
If taking it for walks, best to wear long trousers. Likes rolling over a lot, so no problem with rats, yes they are a favourite food.
Entry 5

Jade Mountain Exquisite Flower

‘Judy’ to her friends. As delicate and beautiful as her name, Judy was brought from the Agatean Empire as an egg but has adapted to life in Ankh–Morpork admirably.
Primarily a show dragon intended for adornment, Judy has a serene demeanour that means she behaves well with other pets, mainly by ignoring them.
Although not a fussy eater, she has a particular fondness for pork products and would suit a charcutiere with their own business.
Entry 6

Lord Stanley Blue Chumleigh Fortesque III

This delightful chap is affectionately known as ‘Sausages’, and is a fine figure of a snood, being approximately eighteen months old. He has remarkably fine colouring: showing a rich, azure blue along his muzzle, neck, back and tail, but with a lovely emerald green head and crown and a golden throat and belly.
He has a lovely nature, is very affectionate and has a particular fondness for sausages, hence his nickname — give him a sausage and you’ll have a friend for life! Although to avoid misadventure, gentlemen of the house are advised to refrain from wearing very tight trousers.
Entry 7

Hat Hat

Fortuitus Ignis Absumpsisset

He came to us as a cob after being rescued from a tragic house fire.
Twenty–five fingers from snout to tail, and has good sized wings. He enjoys coal, kerosene, oil, wood, cushions, chilli, and small animals.
Probably not the best in a house with small children.
Entry 1


Hats I‘ve had a few, but then again too many to mention. Dress me up in my sombrero when it‘s hot or balaclava when it‘s cold. Let me be your travelling companion.
I am fully equipped for forn parts with a fez for Djelibeli, a kepi for Klatch, a beret for Quirm, a topi for Howondaland, or a horned helmet for Nothingfjord.
I am your perfect travelling pal, and will blend in wherever we go. Wait and see what I have for Lady‘s Day at Shankydoodle. There‘s even a stovepipe in my wardrobe for when I get hiccups.
Entry 2

Flaming Lord Tut ‘Tutty‘

Fairly Large build. Very very VERY friendly. Welcomes all guests to house, but has problems letting them leave.
There was a reported incident with a Thieves‘ Guild member, who he had kept under the bed for three days.
The gentleman did not pursue the matter, due to ‘Tutty‘ previously showing him the location of all the valuable items in the house, most of which the owner was unaware of.
Entry 3

Tharos Lord of the Red

An extremely calm dragon, Tharos does suffer from one major complaint. He is somewhat short-sighted — with respect to time. Whilst this is not entirely disastrous, it can lead to him starving himself.
You see, if you fill his food bowl today, he won‘t see it until last Wednesday...
Entry 4

Pinocchio Plumhollow White-soxs

Largest of the Agetean breeds, four and half hands, short stubby body, long legs, thick round tail
Don‘t step on it as it‘s almost impossible to keep your balance if you do. Likes cuddles, fond of fruit — be careful or you will need a good supply of incense.
Entry 5

Rüfus Sniesenflammen von Uberwald IV

Originally from Uberwald, as the name suggests, Rüfus is a companionable, if slightly excitable dragon. Coming from a long line of friendly cigar lighters, Rüfus would make an ideal companion for a heavy smoker.
Known to his previous family as Rüful, due to his unfortunate habit of incinerating the thing he loves (often a chew toy), he is usually happiest curled up in a fireproof box near the grate.
It would probably be a good idea to keep him well away from snuff, pepper or indeed powders of any kind.
Entry 6

Lord Alfred Macintosh Geefour Powerbook

This handsome older gentleman is getting on a bit now, but still loves starting a good hearth fire that he can curl up in front of &mdash although his aim is not what it was, so you might want to move anything flammable.
‘Alfie’, as he likes to be known, is a lovely russet colour with endearingly floppy ears. His memory capacity and processing power are a little on the limited side nowadays, but he happily plods away at his own pace. Given his age, he tends to feel the cold, so any spare knitted hats and cardigans would be appreciated!
Entry 7

Stocking Stocking

Sir Spenders

I am into stockings in a big way. Raised by Lady Rodley, and sired by Lord Eee out of Miss Clawdy.
I am both noble and gassy, but definitely not elvish; inbred enough to have inherited a shedload of quirky features, such as my endearing hang-dog (should that be hang-dragon?) looks and lack of a chin.
I have excellent flame control and happy to be used as a cigar lighter or lighting a blacksmith‘s forge. Feed me best grade anthracite and my flame will never go out.
Entry 1

Firey Freddy Flingtail

Small build, missing end from tail. Slightly nervous disposition.
Recommended location with no loud noises, unless house has floor and walls which are easily hosed. Small dragon, ideal for small ‘strongly built’ home.
Entry 2

Seralth the Quiet

A very curious dragon, has undertaken more education that normal for a dragon of her age. Her knowledge of draconic history and culture is superb.
Having spent such a large amount of time on her studies, she has learnt to minimise the noise she creates — except when she gets angry. Then her breath becomes a disruptive wave of sound!
Entry 3

Quantum Tullamore Bucket pronounced bow-kay

Three hands, barrel chest and slightly bowed legs. Long snout, but even longer tongue, can get in anywhere.
Make sure you keep it away from the alcohol, as it comes from a long line of quite short lived dragons (details not supplied)
Entry 4

Anthracite Deepseam Llewelyn

‘Arthur’, as he is known, hails from Llamedos, where he was bred as a coal tester, a job he happily fulfilled at a coal merchant here in Ankh-Morpork until they sadly had to close.
Having been on a strict diet since joining us, Arthur is ready to be rehomed and would particularly enjoy having tasks to do, as he is highly intelligent and trainable.
Extremely unlikely to explode, Arthur should nevertheless be fed the better quality stuff just to be sure.
Entry 5

Lady Elvira Knickerbocker Glory

This beautiful lady is a truly striking looking Hen who has successfully laid two clutches with not a single whittle in either! Known as Vi–vi for short, she has the most wonderful gold and green stripes from her snout to her tail, set off perfectly by scarlet wings, throat and belly.
‘Vi-vi’ is a highly trained dragon of impeccable breeding, very intelligent, with perfect manners — guaranteed not to make any unfortunate holes in the carpet! The perfect Lady‘s companion, she will happily carry your handbag around for you, as long as you don‘t mind the contents becoming a bit soggy.
Entry 6


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