Discworld Crossword

by Grace Speaker

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Solve the crossword and then determine the hidden phrase spelled out by the Green cells working from top left to bottom right

Email the hidden phrase to competitions@stanleyhowlerjournal.co.uk together with your name before 30th September 2015.

   1. Going from Upper to Lower, this is the Broadway you'll need (11)
   5. All together part of the crew (7)
   8. Opponent of the lady? Inevitably (4)
   9. Split the thaum to find a reson, split the reson and you'll find five of these (7)
10. The sister of a king who became queen (6)
13. & 12 Down. A dancing partner for the man of ice? (3,6,4)
14. Knocks out a message or two? (6)
15. A little prayer for the god of the morning after (2)
16. Where 27. Down is likely to pop up (3)
17. Oh brother we hear, you have faith (6)
18. What father wouldn't want her to stay sixteen forever? (7)
21. Goddess to those who have just had a bubble and squeak.....
    or rather a bump and squeak! (7)
23. A god who was "not big on commandments" according to Constable Visit The Infidels With
    Explanatory Pamphlets (4)
26. Found on an orangutan's plate? (2,6)
30. These ceremonies weigh up on either side (5)
31. You'd have to have eaten some very dodgy ones to think that the Nac Mac Feegle would
    ever live in these things! You're thinking of where gnomes live (9)
32. Warning! This brand of coffee can induce knurd (9)
35. Was this witch a baddie? Hardly! (6)
36. Oh, stuff it! (9)
38. Nuncle to Lancre's Hamlet, perhaps? (6)
40. Emblematic flower of the Glorious People's Republic of Treacle Mine Road (5)
42. 3. Down says it must go on!!!! (4)
43. The vision of the gods is missing ten we see (5,2)
44. Handy for everywhere (3)
45. What the novice was known as before he made up for lost time (4)
46. & 7. Down. Campaigner for equal rights,? (8,5)
47. Harridan's favourite hair colour (5)

   1. Head wizard or head witch? Both, at one time or another (10)
   2. You won't find these people at the bottom of the barrel! (5)
   3. A condiment we hear on top of cinder's end, in a hauntingmusical? 8)
   4. Spiritual dessert for a celebratory fowl (4,4,4)
   6. Put the Abbott down for this (3)
   7. See 46. Across
11. He looked upon the stone and smiled. "All things strive" he wrote (3)
12. See 13. Across
16. She always gets her point across (5)
19. What Mr Dibbler's merchandise often comes in (3)
20. One lady who represents the many (6)
22. Sounds like a hesitant ancient city perhaps (2)
24. Was he guided through the underworld by a learnéd scholar ? No, can't say the guide was
    learnĂ©d....or much of a scholar, come to that! (4)
25. Why did I join the Foreign Legion? I forget..... (10)
26. Reels dame about? There's very few men who would dare to try with this one! (9)
27. Now you see it, now you don't, if you do it'll start a war (5)
28. I hear you can lend me a place to RIP? (10)
29. The day for a terminal night (6)
33. He can see your house from here (8)
34. Walking corpse or god of house musicians? How would you tell the difference! (3)
37. Goddess to those who like a well shaped bush? (7)
39. A dear one we see before small end (5)
41. The colour of Professor Flead's favourite feline (4)
43. Part of Blintz that's a good tourist destination or just the opposite? (3)


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