Stanley's Super Stamp quiz


Ian tells us we must clear this lot up before they start to do the Hogswatch stamps.


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How well do you know your Discworld stamps?
Below is a set of questions that should test your knowledge and your research skills.
The answer to each question is the name and catalogue number of a stamp, or in one case two stamps.

Your task, should you accept it, is to submit your answers to by Monday 4th December 2017

A tie-breaker will be applied should more than one person achieve the same highest score.



  1. When did Morporkia goes missing?
  2. When did the Patrician look sinister?
  3. Where will you find Jenny?
  4. Will it lead you to prayer?
  5. Where is the creature with a broken tooth?
  6. Which mistake would give grounds to sue?
  7. The Goddess of Volcanoes has another job?
  8. Where do Darren and Jonty hang out?
  9. Where would you find Cinderella's coach
  10. Which bridge has no directionless support?
  11. Head of a Guild, twice?
  12. Is the subject for him all over the place?


Spot the dot

The images below are close up sections of stamps; which stamps?

Stamp 1 Stamp 2 Stamp 3 Stamp 4 Stamp 5
Stamp 1 Stamp 2 Stamp 3 Stamp 4 Stamp 5
Stamp 6 Stamp 7 Stamp 8 Stamp 9 Stamp 10
Stamp 6 Stamp 7 Stamp 8 Stamp 9 Stamp 10


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