Design a Coat of Arms for the Flatalist’s Guild


Your task, if you wish to accept it, is to design a coat of arms for the Guild of Flatalists and Pin Collectors

A coat of arms is made of a number of elements; the shield, the helm and mantle, supporters and a lower banner with motto.

The main element is the shield which contains the charges which identify the owner of the arms.

Remember the design should represent the aspects and interests of Flatalists, Stamp and Pin collectors, not Discworld.

Have a look at some examples such as the arms and crest of Sir Terry Pratchett.

The Glossary of Heraldic Terms website is a useful site for terms.

Once you have designed your coat of arms create a short description, in simple heraldic terms; check out some of the stamp description on the Stamp Catalogue web site.

Submit your design as an image, gif, jpg, tiff or png to and remember to include the description in the email.

The closing date for the competition is 31st January 2019.

The prize for the best design will be a six issue LBE subscription worth £30.

Ian and Bernard will be the judges.


Competitions means prizes. Unlike most competitions where there is a winner, or limited winners, all correct entries submitted with be awarded a prize.

It will depend on the type of competition whether you have to submit the answer or creation by email or by post. Details will be given in the instructions.

Why not get your name in lights and create and submit a competition. It could be a crossword, a quiz or a task. You will receive a prize if the competition gets used.