Coming soon!by Ian

Wotcha stampers!
It's been a long while since we updated you on forthcoming stamps, so this is a short summation of what you might expect in the coming months.

The first few months of the Flatalist's calendar is somewhat predictable.
We must have the full set of Definitives, then the Cabbage Field stamp. We often issue a themed stamp for Valentine‘s Day and something foolish for April the First; before we know it the Glorious 25th of May is upon us.

It is of course ‘Tradition’, but we’re now paddling out towards the deep and fishy waters of the unexplored. This is where we can have a little more fun with some exciting and unexpected themes; so let this be your guide for the months to come!

Very soon we’ll be releasing the first of a pair of LBEs.
The first being the Far Flung LBE!
It’s time to visit Forn Parts once more; bringing back a brace of stamps from the furthest flung corners of the Disc; how a Disc can have corners? you may well ask. I know not.

Thanks to our esteemed licensors§, we’re able to confirm that this release will be followed by the Closer to Home LBE, which will be bursting with many (two) new Discworld stamps from places which are, unsurprisingly, closer to our twin city – Ankh-Morpork! With a current range which is fairly Ankh-Morpork centric, we thought it time to give a few regional issues time to shine. These issues will contain stamps from places we haven’t been to in a very long time, or perhaps ever before!

You can also expect a few surprises outside of LBEs in the not too distant future, with a special limited edition sheet devised in part to test our current perforating pixie to breaking point. In fact, we’re going to be pushing him pretty hard with a couple of issues before the year is out, we know he's a real diamond; but is he a star?!

When I sit down to design stamps, I tend to set aside a few uninterrupted weeks and get a number of designs under my belt while I’m in the right frame of mind. So, approval pending, I am happy to say with confidence that we’re really excited about the designs you’ll be seeing over the coming year. Oh, and did I mention the guest artists? I’ve not only managed to NICK some of Peter Dennis’ time, but the REGAL David Wyatt will be gracing us with his presence once or thrice more!

Vetinari 4p [shs0351] Man with Dog 6p [shs0353] Penny Copper [shs0371]

With so much to look forward to, we've got to make space on the shelves, so we will also be bidding farewell to a few stamps, if I were better organised, I’d be able to tell you what they will be, but as it is, you’ll need to keep an eye on the ‘endangered stamps’ section of our site over the next month or two!

As always, we look forward to seeing your feedback on the forum, in my inbox [] or in the order comments – the amount of you who include compliments, critiques and even confessions on their orders is staggering!

§ Of course, licensees do have a part to play in many of the designs.
I did leave a receipt.

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