Hogswatch in Ankh-Morpork

Original pencil illustration

Shown below are the fours sections drawn by by this year's guest artist David Wyatt for the new Hogswatch stamps. The issue comprises 5 stamps forming a panorama of Ankh-Morpork at Christmas.
He has designed a number of earlier stamps including the Susan Sto Helit stamps and the 2016, Year of the Sneezing Panda, Hogswatch Penny and Fifty Pence stamps.

Design 1: covering stamps 1, Toys is Me, and 2, Pies and Ham.

Design 2: covering stamps 2, Pies and Ham, and 3, Post Office.

Design 3: covering stamps 4, Yo Rat!, and 5, Canting Crew.

Design 4: covering stamp 5, Canting Crew.

Stamp News

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