In through the back door

Sixpence Duty Paid Red Sixpence Duty Paid Blue

Sixpence Duty Paid

Cut My Own Throat Dibbler is at it again. A year and a day ago Portal Properties were released. Now these properties are being released to new customers.

The stamp is a blue variant of the stamp issued as part of the Sixpence Duty Paid Blue which appeared with the new Portal Properties documentation. It is a variant of the previously issued Sixpence Duty Paid Red used on the Passport.

At the moment the only way to obtain the Six Pence Duty Paid Blue stamp is to buy the Unreal Estate Portal Properties offering.

Stamp News

There are already websites that cover Discworld Stamps, such as Discworld Stamp Catalogue, the Discworld Stamp Collector.

The Journal Stamp News pages cover future stamps.



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