A site for serious collectorsby Steve

Where do you get the latest information about the stamps, origins and ephemera?

You can find the current stamp and LBE offerings on the Discworld Emporium website.

You can find historic offerings on the Discworld Stamp Catalogue.

However, you can find the gossip on the Discworld Stamp Collector Facebook page.

Steve, the manager, is a member of the Cinderella Stamp Club, so is well aware of the diversity and divergence of amateur producers. He has good eye for variations and oddities. As Steve says "This is a page for all those who have gained a lot of pleasure from Discworld stamps."

Recent postings include the Alchemists' Guild stamp and LBE and variations on the $1 Explorers' stamps.

Steve also maintains a website dedicated to all things flatalistic which is well worth a visit.

Stamp News

There are already websites that cover Discworld Stamps, such as Discworld Stamp Catalogue, the Discworld Stamp Collector.

The Journal Stamp News pages cover future stamps.



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