The first LBE

Discworld Stamp birthdays

With the advent of the fifteenth birthday of the Discworld stamps I thought I would review how earlier birthdays were celebrated.

First birthday     LBE
The first issue of stamps were on 9th July 2004. The first birthday was recognised with the release of an LBE. The label on this LBE read 1 YEAR OLD TODAY FIRST ANNIVERSARY ISSUE
On the 9th July 2004 at the Bath Postal Museum Mr TERRY PRATCHETT: the creator of all things DISCWORLD, and Mr Bernard Pearson did perforate the first ever DISCWORLD Stamps.
This envelope commemorates that momentous event, and may well contain one of the rare Penny Patricians perforated on that day or at least on the same ancient machine.
This LBE was on sale only on the 9th July 2005 and will not be repeated.

The second anniversary LBE

Second birthday     LBE
Each LBE was numbered and only 1500 LBEs were issued and one in 40 contained the New Triangle.

Third birthday     LBE
The LBEs contained a free $2 Sir Rolande de Colline Commemorative, plus the possibility of the new Thieves Guild gutter pairs.

Fourth birthday     LBE slate and LBE olive
There were two variations of the label; grey and olive green. There was a bonus as each LBE could be exchanged for two Green Cabbage Trading Scheme stamps.

Fifth birthday     LBE
Now we are Five showing a cake with five candles. It was the first year a special birthday stamp in blue and yellow were created.

Sixth birthday     LBE
The sixth birthday was celebrated with a special 6th anniversary postal label plus prize tickets. A special One Penny Patrician's stamp was also created.

Seventh birthday     LBE
The birthday LBE was accompanied by a birthday stamp featuring Mr Bernard Pearson.

Eighth birthday     LBE
The birthday LBE was accompanied by eight birthday stamps.

Nineth birthday    
No special LBE was issued but nine birthday stamps did appear. The tenth anniversary

Tenth birthday     LBE
The birthday LBE was accompanied by a set of 10 One Penny Moist stamps had a very special prize ticket for a solid gold Penny Patrician stamp.

Eleventh birthday    
No LBE was issued. A eleventh birthday stamp did appear.

Twelfth birthday    
No LBE was issued. A twelfth birthday stamp did appear.

Thirteenth birthday    
No LBE was issued. A thirteenth birthday stamp did appear.

Stamp News

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