The Llamedos Lossby Ian Mitchell

As you will all be aware, we at the Emporium are a highly structured, ruthlessly organised machine, totally impervious to flights of fancy or spontaneity. Therefore it may come as some surprise that there are a great number of stamps which never get to see the light of day. Sometimes they just don‘t work. Sometimes they don‘t fit the rest of the range. Sometimes you just lose confidence in a design. They say that you are your own worst critic, (they obviously haven‘t met Reb!).

The latest Llamedos stamp was one I particularly enjoyed putting together, I can‘t really tell you why, it just pleases me. I‘ve had some really lovely feedback on it, but it was originally intended to be one of a pair.

At the very last moment, just before sending the stamp for proof print and approval I had a rare ‘artistic’ moment. I had a little wobble and a paddy and whilst gesticulating wildly with brush and pencil and threatening to cut off an ear, I threw one of my designs away. I‘m quite pleased that I did, there‘s something nice about that lonely old henge standing all alone.

However I thought you might like to see one from the cutting room floor. You may notice that I used part of the lost Llamedos drawing for the selvedge of the release sheet, so not all was lost.

Another design consigned to the great dead letter office in the sky.

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